1. Don’t lie in bed all day. There is so much to do and see. Go for a walk, read a book. Don’t waste away your days.

2. Be organised. Spontanity is fun, but stay on top of assignments. Stop searching for that hair tie. Don’t forget stuff.

3. Be reckless. You only have one life. Take a risk. Or two. Do what you want, don’t let others hold you back. Talk to a stranger. Miss the bus and walk home. Don’t be boring.

4. Take time to breathe. Don’t let work suck the life out of you. Sit back and have a cup of tea. Watch the rain or sit in the sun. Don’t ignore the beauty.

5. Love yourself. Treat yourself well. If you’re unhappy with your body, change it, but don’t be ashamed. You’re unique. Show yourself off in that new top. Who cares if it shows a little cleavage?

6. Don’t obsess over your faults. Everyone has them. Just smile and move on. Probably, no one even cares. Don’t keep yourself up at night.

7. Open up to strangers. Be social. Make friends. Don’t be shy. If you embarrass yourself, you cares? You’ll never see them again.

8. Be selfish. Be happy. Take care of yourself, don’t give up on your happiness for someone else’s. Make your life the best it can be.

9. Listen to music. Lie down and let the emotions you can’t express pour out of your body. Relax. Cry. Then get up and live.

10. Write. Pour out the emotions you can express. Put your anger, happiness or sorrow on a piece of paper. Keep it for later or get rid of it forever. Don’t waste your life.

11. Wake up. Don’t be boring. Don’t sleep all day. Discover new things. Laugh. Make life worth living. Stop sleeping it away.
Wake up.
Stop dreaming.

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